BP Fines Simply a Cost of Doing Business?

By David Schoetz

May 27, 2010 11:51pm

  President Obama heads the Gulf tomorrow with a lot on the line, as we now face the worst oil disaster in our country's history. Meanwhile, disturbing new details reveal that BP may have one of the worst safety track records of any major oil company — 760 willful safety violations at their U.S. refineries in three years. The next worst oil companies, to provide context, each had just eight. BP reported a $14 billion profit in 2009 alone. And while it is true they've paid fines, some officials say that for BP, these fines are just the price of doing business. So tonight, we ask you: Is it time to get much tougher on BP and other oil companies? Or is our thirst for oil the real culprit? Tell us what you think. Click HERE for a full report on BP's dismal safety record.  Embedded below is tonight's "World News" report on BP's top kill effort.

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