Viral Cyberbullying: Who’s to Blame for Jessi Slaughter’s Online Infamy

By Brian Braiker

Jul 22, 2010 11:56pm

A young girl who goes by the
screenname Jessi Slaughter has become part of the Internet zeitgeist through
a series of viral videos in which she lashes out against bullies.

The  videos were originally
created and posted, according to Jessi, as a response to online bullies who
called her names and accused the 11-year-old girl of being raped by a friend.
In them she uses profane language and gestures and makes violent threats
against her so-called online "haters." 

These videos, which subsequently went viral with the aid of malicious message boards like 4chan, lead to a new flood of taunts and threats against Jessi and her
family.  In one video, the girl  has a “virtual meltdown” appearing
increasingly enraged and emotionally distraught — her father even joins in an
attempt to end the tormenting, promising “consequences” for those who
continue to harass his daughter.

viral videos have lead to hundreds of parodies, response videos, and even
merchandise like t-shirts and mugs quoting the girl and her father.  Jokes
aside, Jessi’s parents claim the family receives dozens of threatening calls
and e-mails everyday and Florida police have began an investigation into
whether this is a case of cyberstalking or cyberbullying. 

So tonight we ask, who do you
think is responsible for the negative attention being thrust upon the 11-year-old? 

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