Tweetback: Are US Combat Troops Leaving Iraq at the Right Time?

Aug 20, 2010 9:45am

On Friday, as the last US combat brigade to leave Iraq was packing up its gear to go home, we called for a Tweetback on the following question: do you think US combat troops are leaving Iraq at the right time?  


It’s no scientific survey – just a kind of interview question thrown out into the open. Here’s what some tweeple from the US, Middle East, and places in between had to say.


@ryanphernandez Optimistically, Iraq can be herself now that the US has exited. Thrive, Iraq.


@najihassan there will never be right or wrong time, so they might as well start the process


@LabibaLaith the US troops should leave only after they've cleaned up the mess the govt that sent them made. Now it's just simple escape


@csdameron until Iraq's government has stabilized, it seems premature to withdraw all our combat forces


@AsdollahMirza  Problem is, we are not profoundly informed about what all those private actors will do after the troop's withdrawal


@matisaksk First of all it is very important not to abandon Iraq. Forget it was a Bush's war. Iraq needs support.


@maryamwd they shouldn't have been "in" to begin with. And now that they cannot handle it, they "leave". #iraq #us #war


@johnvidulich its hard to tell but I think there should be strong anti-corruption objectives in place. It is still a vulnerable place. 

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