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Aug 12, 2010 12:35pm

Airing On “20/20,” Friday, August 13, 10 pm ET on ABC




Identical 22-year-old Texas triplets Chandra, Jordan and Trae Berns are reminded of their harrowing ordeal every time they look in the mirror – being burn victims in a fire that engulfed their home and killed their mom when they were just 17 months old. “20/20” is with them as they take a momentous step to try and erase a past that has left its mark physically and emotionally. Deborah Roberts reports on “20/20” airing FRIDAY, AUGUST 13 (10:00 – 11:00 p.m. ET) on the ABC Television Network.  (OAD: 7/17/09)


Plus: Annie and Alex had a carefree childhood. Daughters of newspaper heiress Anne Scripps they grew up happy, privileged and loved in the suburbs of New York. Then on New Year’s Eve 1993, in a senseless act of brutality, their stepfather Scott Douglas killed their mother and then killed himself by jumping off the Tappan Zee Bridge. Flash forward to today. Annie, who had never gotten over the grief and guilt over her mother’s death, does something that shocked her sister and friends — Annie jumped from the Tappan Zee bridge the same way and in the same place that her murderous stepfather had so many years ago. Why? Deborah Roberts reports.


    “20/20” is anchored by Elizabeth Vargas and Chris Cuomo. David Sloan is executive producer.

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