Afghan Insurgents Distribute Leaflet About Planned Koran Burning

By Kinga Janik

Sep 9, 2010 11:40am

I was in Logar Province today and one of the junior officers there told me that the insurgents had been spreading leaflets around about the quran burning…… So Dave Petraeus wasn’t just spewing rhetoric about this…it is clearly an issue that they are concerned about… Martha Raddatz – ABC News Correspondent COPY OF THE  LEAFLET INSURGENTS IN AFGHANISTAN ARE DISTRIBUTING:    
TRANSLATION OF THE LEAFLET: Shocking News  Taken From an American news website  A church in the State of Florida in US on Sep 11th from 6am to 9pm will hold a ceremony called “International day of Burning Quran.” You, the Muslim who loves your faith and prays for one God! You, whom have been given the Holy Quran which has saved you from sinking into a sea of despair and a life filled with problems! You, that defends rights, religion and Quran! You, who conduct the real struggle against enemies of our religion! As on the 21st of May in the current year there was an event (Draw a Cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad Day) encouraging people all over the world to draw a cartoon of the prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him. Thousands of cartoons were drawn in one day depicting the prophet which was an insult to our prophet Muhammad.  This information was shared on websites and Facebook.  This time these people have decided, once again, to insult our religion, our Quran, and our holy sites.  Therefore, you, the devoted Muslim, don’t keep quiet! Don’t suppress your voice in your throat for your religion is in danger and the day has arrived that Islam wants us to become united!  We must raise our voices, fight together, and strike a hard blow to the mouth of stinking pigs to knock them down!  Let others know, before it becomes too late, to spread this message. Let them know we must hurry, because we have a short time to act and time is running out.  Only God knows if there will be another such an opportunity to defend our religion and Quran.  Therefore don’t waste this golden opportunity because it may save us from the fire of hell which is much hotter than the fire in this world. General David Petraeus response to the potential burning of the Koran:  ”in this case I think you have a situation where the actions of the fellow citizens certainly arguably within the first amendment rights I think all would generally agree, could nonetheless endanger the lives of tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of fellow citizens who are deployed around the world, conducting missions, with Islamic partners in Islamic countries.”

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