Ben Affleck and Cindy McCain Speak to ABC’s Jake Tapper in an Exclusive Interview About Their Humanitarian Work in the Congo

By Coordinator

Mar 4, 2011 2:16pm

Portions of the Interview to Air Monday, March 7 on “World News with Diane Sawyer” and “Nightline”

Affleck and McCain Speak to George Stephanopoulos Live on “Good Morning America” Tuesday, March 8

In 2008, she was at her husband’s side as he ran for President as the Republican nominee and he was one of the most high profile Hollywood stars at the Democratic National Convention supporting, then candidate, Barack Obama. Now, this unlikely couple has come together to help draw attention to the humanitarian crisis in the Eastern Congo. Ben Affleck and Cindy McCain recently returned from a trip to the region and will sit down together for an exclusive television interview with ABC News Senior White House Correspondent Jake Tapper on Monday, March 7 to discuss the daily life and struggles of the eastern Congolese.

Inspired by his travels to the region, Affleck launched Eastern Congo Initiative (ECI) less than one year ago. Cindy McCain recently became the newest significant investor in the Initiative. The ECI works with Congolese community-based organizations to help create sustainable solutions in four key areas: support for vulnerable youth, support for survivors of sexual violence as well as income generation projects and local peace and reconciliation programs.

On Tuesday, March 8, Affleck and McCain will sit down with George Stephanopoulos on “Good Morning America.”  Later that day Ben Affleck will testify on Capitol Hill about a bi-partisan approach the United States should take to address the current problems in DRC. 

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