ABC News Announces Special Coverage from the Tornado-Ravaged Midwest

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May 23, 2011 11:59am

Diane Sawyer to Anchor “World News” from Joplin, Missouri on Monday, May 23

Terry Moran to Anchor “Nightline” from Disaster Zone

David Muir, Sam Champion, Josh Elliott, and Erin Hayes Reporting on the Ground in Missouri for all Broadcasts and Platforms

ABC News Radio’s Jim Ryan First Radio Network Correspondent on the Scene

ABC News is providing comprehensive coverage from Joplin, Missouri where a devastating tornado has killed at least 89 people and left many others trapped below the wreckage.  Diane Sawyer is reporting from Joplin throughout the day and will anchor “World News” from there tonight.  She is joined by “World News” Weekend Anchor David Muir, “GMA” Weather Anchor Sam Champion, “GMA” News Anchor Josh Elliott, and ABC News Correspondent Erin Hayes.

In addition, Terry Moran will anchor “Nightline” from the disaster zone tonight. 

This morning on “Good Morning America” Sam Champion reported live from Joplin on the mass devastation in the area and the storm systems behind the tornados. News Anchor Josh Elliott also reported from the scene, talking to survivors and getting eye witness accounts about the storm.  ABC News correspondent Erin Hayes surveyed the vast destruction left by the twister. From ABC’s Times Square Studio in New York, Robin Roberts spoke via satellite to Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, and George Stephanopoulos spoke via satellite to Jasper County Emergency Management Director Keith Stammer who was live on the scene. Barbara Pinto reported on the destruction in Minnesota after a tornado also struck the Minneapolis area. “GMA” will provide more in-depth coverage from the scene tomorrow morning.

ABC News Radio Correspondent Jim Ryan drove from Dallas to Joplin overnight. Ryan was the first radio network correspondent on the scene.

ABC NewsOne, the network’s affiliate news service, will provide reporting throughout the day from TJ Winick for ABC stations and for all ABC clients and partners. has the latest reporting from the region. The following videos are from this morning’s broadcast of “Good Morning America.”

  • Sam Champion reports on the tornado’s four-mile path of destruction. (VIDEO)
  • Sam Champion explain the storm systems behind tornados. (VIDEO)
  • Josh Elliott talks to people who escaped the storm’s fury and are searching for loved ones. (VIDEO 1) (VIDEO 2)
  • Missouri Governor tells Robin Roberts the state will need federal aid (VIDEO)
  • Barbara Pinto surveyed the destruction in Minnesota after a huge tornado strike in the area (VIDEO)

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