‘Afghanistan: The Longest War’ – Martha Raddatz Returns to Afghanistan; Will Interview Top U.S. Commander Gen. John Allen

Throughout the past decade Martha Raddatz has reported extensively from Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and Yemen.

ABC’s Martha Raddatz Travels Back to Afghanistan to Cover the Ten Year Anniversary of the War — Will  Interview Top U.S. Commander in Afghanistan, General John Allen

Nick Schifrin Reports on the War’s Affect on the Afghan People

October 7, 2011 marks ten years since the United States and its allies invaded Afghanistan to begin what has become the longest war in American history. ABC News Senior Foreign Affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz will report from Afghanistan beginning Sunday, October 2 on “This Week with Christiane Amanpour.” Raddatz has been covering the war since it began and has made over two dozen trips to the region, most recently to Afghanistan in May after the killing of Osama bin Laden. Throughout the past decade she has also reported extensively from Iraq, Pakistan, and Yemen.

The ten-year anniversary hits just as U.S. forces are beginning to draw down there and as new questions are raised about Afghanistan’s ability to secure its country, even its capital city, once the Americans leave. On Monday, October 3, Raddatz will interview the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan General John Allen, who replaced General David Petraeus in July. Raddatz will also travel along the Afghan-Pakistan border to report on a huge and growing security problem: the Haqqani Network in Pakistan, which continues to send weaponry and militants across the border.

In addition Nick Schifrin, who has reported from Afghanistan and Pakistan for the past four years, will report on how this decade of war has impacted the people of Afghanistan.

ABC News will have complete coverage throughout the week across its broadcasts and platforms.

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