Honey, There’s a Moose In Our Pool!

VIDEO: Moose rescued after wandering into a swimming pool.

Love can make many a man, even a male moose, do many a crazy things.

This New Hampshire moose, however, was really looking for love in all the wrong places.

Moose mating season spans from mid-September to mid-October in the Granite State, which makes it not uncommon for the state’s residents to see the animals wandering out of the woods into unfamiliar places.

For this unlucky moose, that unfamiliar place happened to be the backyard pool of George Trapotsis’ Manchester, N.H., home.

Instead of love, the moose found a big splash of cold water on his antlers when he fell through the pool’s cover and landed with a thud, or splash, shortly after 10:00pm ET Friday.

With the moose unable to save himself from the pool, nine police officers, firefighters and officials from local game and fish agencies came to his rescue by slowly pulling him out using a rope lassoed onto his antlers.

The lovelorn moose was a bit agitated, officials said, during the rescue but appeared to be in good health when he walked away into the woods.

Trapotis later told New Hampshire’s WMUR-TV the moose ran through his fence before diving into the pool so, perhaps, the moose had, in a twist, been running from love instead.


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