Julianne Moore on “The End of The Affair” and the Power of Love

VIDEO: The actress discusses her approach to acting with Father Edward Beck.

Julianne Moore has a new children’s book out: Freckleface Strawberry: Best Friends Forever.  It’s the third in a series of picture books with the same main character, who is based on her own childhood.  In the second part of my interview with her I ask if she’d ever be interested in writing a memoir to reveal things about herself that we might not know.  Her answer- and what she would reveal- might surprise you. It did me.

Although we were not there to talk about her films, I could not resist asking her about my favorite of her movies: The End Of The Affair, based on the famous Graham Greene novel.  Greene, who was a Catholic, writes about themes of love, God and miracles.  I wondered how Moore reacted to inhabiting a character from such a “theological” book.  Her eloquent response includes a rumination on her character’s last line before dying, “It’s only love after all.”  What exactly does Moore think that means?  Is love itself the miracle?  Moore tells me- and then goes on to also tell me what she thinks about this year’s political race for the White House. She will soon play Sarah Palin in an HBO movie based on the book Game Change .

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