1963 Football Feud Leads to Senior Brawl

VIDEO: Ex-Canadian football rivals Joe Kapp and Angelo Mosca fight at banquet.

Two legendary football stars threw the notion of good sportsmanship out the window when they came to blows over a decades-long feud.

Joe Kapp, a former Minnesota Vikings player who got his start with the British Columbia Lions, and Angelo Mosca, formerly of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, were being honored at a charity banquet Friday for the Canadian Football League, when the two 73-year-olds started brawling.

Kapp later told the San Francisco Chronicle that the feud stemmed from an incident during the 1963 Grey Cup, when he says Mosca gave Kapp’s teammate a controversial hit.  Nearly 50 years later, Kapp and Mosca remain at odds.

In the video Kapp initially offered a flower to Mosca, who rebuffed the offering with an expletive. Kapp then shoved the flower into Mosca’s face, which set off the fight as Mosca swung his walking stick at Kapp, who answered with a punch.

Just like players having a scuffle on the field, the two had to be pulled apart by shocked onlookers.

After the melee, Mosca and a few chairs ended up on the floor. As his opponent was being helped up, Kapp stood again at the front of the stage.

“Sportsmanship!” Kapp told the crowd. ” That’s what it’s all about folks, sportsmanship.”

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