Flickr Photographer: Kevin Cappis

About Kevin Cappis:

Kevin Cappis, also known as Surreal Places on Flickr, is a 46-year-old amateur photographer living in Calgary, Canada. He works in IT as a telecom network analyst but has been interested in photography since he was very young.

“I’ve always been interested in photography, and even at a young age I took lots of photos with my parents’ little Kodak film camera, and later with my brother’s Canon T70 film camera,” he says. “Anything that I can see with my eyes is a potential photograph.”

Nine years ago, he began shooting with a digital camera. His interest in photography took off when he bought his first DSLR camera. He began experimenting with different lenses and long exposure shots using different filters. He enjoys taking long exposures using manual shutter control, or taking long exposures in daylight using ND filters. Asked what kind of camera he shoots with, “I use a Nikon D5000.”

Kevin has traveled to many parts of the world to shoot interesting locations and subjects. “I’ve always liked high-rise towers, even as a child I used to spend hours making buildings out of Lego Blocks,” he said.

While most of his photos focus on landscapes or cityscapes, he said, he would like to broaden his subjects and shoot more people.


Kevin Cappis – Visit Kevin’s Flickr page to see more of his photography.


The Old and the New, New York City.


Let’s kiss and Make Up – “The Bow (lower half of picture) has surpassed the Suncor energy complex (upper half) as the tallest building in the city, and when I first looked at the photo, it almost looked as if the Bow was leaning offer offering to kiss and make up” Cappis writes.


Calgary at Night – A night shot of downtown Calgary, taken from the Calgary Tower.


Urban Windows – The urban windows of highrise condo towers in Calgary, Alberta.


Bleecker Street Subway Station, New York City.


Rear Window – Cappis says, “This picture kind of reminds me of Alfred Hitchcock’s movie “Rear Window.”


Calgary Snow – Or is it? Perhaps it’s just a digital effect from Paint Shop Pro makes it look like it’s snowing.


Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco.


Dog Looking Into Playground, San Francisco.


Day at the Beach – A Lightroom treatment added to this shot to give it kind of a watercolor feel.


Starry night – A starry night at the cottage. A long exposure shot provides a bit of flare.


Bridge to the Island – The pedestrian bridge to Prince’s Island Park. The city has been engulfed in ice fog, making for some nice captures.


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