Kamikaze Turkeys? Two Fowl Accidents

VIDEO: Massachusetts homeowners unwelcomed guest ruined his living room window.

Two turkeys who managed to escape 2011's Thanksgiving feast proved no match for deceptively clean windows. One crashed headfirst into a Massachusetts house earlier this week; a second turkey went barrelling into a Pennsylvania restaurant on Thanksgiving day.

Blair Belcher was hanging Christmas lights outside his home in Bellingham, Mass., when he spotted a few turkeys across the street.  One of them “got scared by a dog and took off full bore for that window,” Belcher told ABC News affiliate WCVB, pointing to his large (and now taped-up) living room window.

“I begged it not to do it, but it did it anyway,” he said. “Fortunately it didn’t get inside the house, but it was fatal for the turkey.”

The damage will cost $1,000, he told the station, but he couldn’t get too upset. After all, he said, “I’m eating its cousin.”

“It’s a memorable Thanksgiving, that’s for sure,” he told WCVB.

A couple days later in Penn Hills, Pa., another wild turkey headed straight for a large glass pane at Eat’n Park restaurant, closed for Thanksgiving day, crashing straight through the glass.

The bird didn’t survive.

Penn Hills police officer Bernard Sestili told ABC News affiliate WTAE, the turkey “probably was roosted in one of the trees in this wooded area back here, got up this morning and just for his morning flight and … flew into the window.”

According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, a passing motorist saw the broken window and alerted police. According to Sestili, the manager of the restaurant didn’t believe him at first.

“She thought it was a joke,” he told the Tribune-Review.

Although the timing of the turkey’s death was unusual, no “fowl” play is suspected.

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