Seattle Woman Dies From 1998 Gunshot Wound, Death Now Homicide

VIDEO: Lakessha Johnsons recent death has been classified a homicide.

Lakessha Johnson, 34, died Nov. 8 and medical examiners say her death was a result of complications related to a 1998 gunshot wound. (Photo courtesy: Toni Johnson)

A Seattle woman’s recent death was the result of a gunshot wound suffered in 1998, according to the King County Sheriff’s Office in Washington.

The death of Lakessha Johnson, 34,  has now been classified as a homicide.

Ronnie Brown, the man who accidentally shot Johnson, has served two years in prison for the incident, but may now face new charges, officials said. 

Johnson died on Nov. 8 and authorities say it was from complications related to the 13-year-old wound.

“A medical examiner said she died from complications related to the original shooting,” Sgt. Cindi West of the King County’s Sheriff’s Office told

In November 1998, Johnson was in the passenger seat of a car leaving a bowling alley. A man named Ronnie Brown, seated in the car’s back seat, reportedly picked up a bag containing a gun and the gun went off, according to the Sheriff’s Office. A bullet hit Johnson in the back.

Brown was found guilty of charges related to the incident and served about two years in prison, according to the Sheriff’s Office. Brown is currently in prison for unrelated charges.

Johnson was paralyzed from the injury and suffered complications for the next 13 years, her family said. Three years ago, she had to have her legs amputated.

Johnson leaves behind four children, ages 17, 16 and 10-year-old twins. Her devastated family is shaken by the loss.

“We’re struggling with all of this right now,” her sister Toni Johnson told “This is a bad time for us. We weren’t prepared for this.”

A medical examiner ruled the death a homicide and further investigation will determine if the homicide could be considered a murder or manslaughter.

“[Authorities] will have to review the first case in its entirety and see if they can file other charges,” West said.

Johnson’s family has set up a Facebook page for condolences and as a way for supporters to help the family.

“She was a good person and she’ll truly be missed,” Johnson said.

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