Four-Year-Old Uses iPhone to Save Grandfather’s Life

VIDEO: Kanden Jones, 4, called his parents when his grandfather passed out.

Kanden Jones, 4, used his grandfather's iPhone to take a video and to call his parents, when his grandfather, Carl Jones, who is diabetic, passed out at a deer lease near Houston, Dec. 4, 2011. (ABC News)

A Texas 4-year-old used an iPhone to save his grandfather's life when a day in the woods took a very scary turn.

Kanden Jones was spending Saturday with his grandfather, Carl Jones, so that his parents could go Christmas shopping, according to ABC News' Houston affiliate KTRK. Carl has diabetes.  The two were at a deer lease in Houston when his blood sugar got too low and he passed out.

Kanden knew he needed to call for help and began trying to use his grandfather's iPhone. He tried to make a call, but first ended up using the phone's video camera.

The video shows the leafy ground as Kanden runs through the woods, then shows his grandfather lying there. The toddler can be heard whimpering in the background.

"I was just running back and forth," Kanden told KTRK. "I wasn't afraid of nothing. I was crying because I wanted my parents."

Eventually, he was able to redial his parents' phone number, which was programmed into the phone. He told his dad that Paw Paw was sleeping.

"I said, he's asleep? He said yeah and kept yelling to my dad, 'Hey Paw Paw, Daddy wants to talk to you. Daddy wants to talk to you,'" Jarrett Jones told KTRK. "And at that moment, with my dad being diabetic, I knew something was wrong."

The parents rushed to the deer lease and began to search. It took two hours to locate Kanden and Carl Jones.

"I said, 'Bubba, if you hear us you have to holler back and let Mommy know," Tiffany Jones said. "Two seconds later, he says, 'Momma, I'm right here.'"

The family called an ambulance and Jones was treated at a nearby hospital and sent home.

"I just really think it wasn't my time to go," Carl Jones said. "I think the good Lord was telling me, 'Carl, you need wake up.'"

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