Grandma With Sweepstakes Habit Wins Big

VIDEO: Joyce Bogart, 69, hauls in thousands of dollars in cash through web contests.

Every time the door bell rings, Joyce Bogart gets excited, wondering whether she’ll be receiving a box of free goodies or be met with a television camera and a giant check.

“It’s constant dreaming, hoping. You never know what’s coming up and the best part is you haven’t invested anything,” the 69-year-old grandmother, who spends three hours a day entering sweepstakes online, told

While the odds of winning a trip or a few thousand dollars don’t sound too enticing to the average person, Bogart said her diligence and dedication is what has allowed her to win everything from international vacations and celebrity meet-and-greets to maid service.

Bogart got hooked on entering sweepstakes in 2007 when she found out she had won a trip to New York City and $5,000 from the Rachael Ray show.

“That got me hooked and I never looked back. I feel I haven’t done my job if I haven’t spent a few hours each day entering to win,” she said.

Bogart’s hobby has won her a trip to Wales, New Orleans, Hawaii and Orlando, $4,000 worth of maid service,  and ”lots of cameras and kitchen items.”

Even  her grandchildren will reap the benefits of their grandmother’s combination of luck and persistence. Her most recent steal was an XBox 360.

“They’ll be getting that for Christmas,” she said.




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