Pants-Wearing Dog Does 'Something Amazing' (Video)

VIDEO: Funny YouTube video highlights one dogs weird balancing act.

When Harry O'Brien got the idea to make a pair of pants for his Lakeland Terrier, Skye Dog, out of a candy bag, he didn't expect anything out of the ordinary to occur.

At first, Skye Dog was walking around like a regular pup in his new "pants," but then a customer entered Charles Hutcheson Fine Jewelry in West Reading, Pa., where Skye's the "official greeter." Instead of just running downstairs, Skye threw his hind legs up in the air and scurried down the steps on his two front legs.

"I was speechless when I saw it," says O'Brien, who shot the video on his cellphone.

Since then, Skye has become a YouTube hit, but don't worry about the attention going to his head. Skye was already "a local celebrity" in Reading, O'Brien said.

"All of the business owners know him on the avenue," he added. "If you search 'Adventures of Skye Dog' on Facebook, you can see more pictures of him."

Reporting by Elsie Swank.

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