Today in Pictures: Dec. 28, 2011

Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney signs an autograph during a campaign stop at Elly's Tea and Coffee in Muscatine, Iowa, Dec. 28, 2011. (Chris Carlson/AP Photo)

Emergency rescue gather around an overturned Soviet-built Tupolev Tu-134 passenger jet after it crash-landed in deep fog in Osh, Kyrgyzstan, Dec. 28, 2011. (AKI Press, Pool/AP Photo)

Mourners react as a car carrying Kim Jong-Il's body passes by during the funeral procession in Pyongyang, Dec. 28. 2011. Millions of grief-stricken people turned out to mourn Kim Jong-Il, whose death has left the world scrambling for details about his young successor. (Kyodo News/AP Photo)

In this photo taken Dec. 28, 2011, a car is surrounded by mourners as it carries the casket containing Kim Jong-Il's body during the funeral procession in Pyongyang, North Korea. (Kyodo News/AP Photo)

An armed Yemeni tribesman loyal to Sheik Sadeq al-Ahmar, head of the Hashid tribe stands as a bulldozer carries the sandbags set up by armed tribesmen loyal to al-Ahmar during months of deadly protests in Sanaa, Yemen, Dec. 28, 2011. (Hani Mohammed/AP Photo)

A Greek Orthodox monk cleans the Church of the Nativity, believed by many to be the birthplace of Jesus Christ, in the West Bank town of Bethlehem, Dec. 28, 2011. Armenian Orthodox and Greek Orthodox clergymen beat each other with broomsticks during the cleanup inside the Church of the Nativity, when the sides accused each other of crossing into each other's territory. (Bernat Armangue/AP Photo)

Revelers take part in the battle of "Enfarinats" in the town of Ibi in the south-eastern Spain, Dec. 28, 2011. For 200 years Ibi's citizens annually celebrate with a battle using flour, eggs and firecrackers outside the city town hall. (Jaime Reina/AFP/Getty Images)

Defected Syrian soldiers position their rifles as they take cover behind a the wall of a damaged house in the Baba Amr area, in Homs province, Syria. Arab League monitors kicked off their one month mission in Syria with a visit to Homs, the first time Syria has allowed outside monitors to the city at the heart of the anti-government uprising. (AP Photo)

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