VIDEO: ‘I Hate You, Tom Brady’

Tom Brady will need to watch his back if he ever crosses paths with this little boy.

Philadelphia fans have a long and notorious reputation for being, ahem, passionate and a YouTube video uploaded Monday proves that real diehards are bred young.

In the video, which now has more than 314,000 views, the boy named Christopher shares his disgust for Brady, the Patriots quarterback.

The boy’s father taped him as the two watched the third quarter of Sunday’s NFL game between New England and the Philadelphia Eagles.

A shot of the television showed the Patriots ahead of the Eagles, 24-13.

In the 56-second clip, the boy is seen sobbing as his father asks: “Why are you so mad at Tom Brady?”

“‘Cause I hate him! Idiots!” the boy yells as tears stream down his face. “He’s sucky.”

Christopher’s Eagles lost the game, 38-20 to drop to 4-8-0 for the season.



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