Video: Soldier’s Emotional Surprise Reunion With Kids

VIDEO: Mom catches emotional reunion on cell phone.

'Tis the season for family and surprises, and mom Tara Peifer managed to package all of that in one very special early Christmas gift for her two kids, Chance, 12 and Savannah, 10.

Peifer told them she was taking them along for a ride to Raleigh Durham International airport on Tuesday night to pick up a package for the commanding officer as a favor. Instead, she surprised them with their dad.

"Hey guys, dreams come true. Who is that? Who is that? Go get him! Go get him," Peifer exclaims in the cell phone video  she recorded, breaking down into tears.

The kids bolt out of the car and can't hold back their tears of joy as they embrace their dad, Army Sgt. Jason Peifer, who has been deployed to the Mideast since summer. The kids didn't know if he would make it home for Christmas.

"Merry Christmas guys," she says, looking at her reunited family.

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