About Effin Time: Facebook Recognizes Existence of Irish Town

(Limerick Leader)

Facebook gave an Effin Christmas present.

Effin, a parish in County Limerick, Ireland, could be listed as a home town on Facebook profiles starting last month, the Irish Independent reported.

The company's software hadn't allowed it, and Ann Marie Kennedy, an Effin woman who had  complained publicly, thought it must be because the name coincided with a common euphemism, making it "offensive," the report said.

"I'm a proud Effin woman, and I will always be an Effin woman," Kennedy, who works at the University of Limerick, told the Independent during her campaign.

Facebook ignored Effin not out of censorship, but because it was a parish, not a village or town, according to Silicon Republic.

Indeed, F**king, Austria, is welcome on Facebook.

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