Chinese Soldiers Play Pass the Grenade

VIDEO: Video purports to show soldiers passing grenade right before explosion.


The Chinese military inspires wonder and fear in some quarters - particularly in this day and age when China and the United States engage in a near-daily mutual bashing over issues ranging from trade and currency policy to Taiwan and human rights.

Today, though, the Chinese military is inspiring…well, a lot of head-scratching. What is it we're watching here? Is it "military training"? A bizarre form of Russian Roulette? A really dangerous form of "Hot Potato"?

What it most certainly is not  is anything you want to try at home.

This strange, minute-long piece of videotape purports to show a People's Liberation Army training exercise. A half dozen soldiers toss a live explosive, one to the other, in a small circle.

 Then, not a moment too soon, they toss the grenade into what looks like a sand pit at the circle's center, and take a kind of synchronized leap away from the pit. Synchronized grenade-diving. The grenade explodes, with six Chinese soldiers safely on their stomachs. And then it's time to try again.

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