Cross-Dressing 'Aunt Barbara' Top Tupperware Seller in North America

VIDEO: Bobby Suchans role as Aunt Barbara leads to big sales of Tupperware products.

                                                                            (Image Credit: ABC News)

At 6-foot-5 with heels and a bouffant wig, "Aunt Barbara" is the top Tupperware seller in North America. The gaudy Long Island, N.Y., housewife is the brainchild of Robert Suchan, 43, a former social worker who quit his job to sell full-time as Aunt Barbara after he became a hit on the Tupperware party circuit.

"The phone rings every day," he said. "The emails don't stop."

Aunt Barbara sold $250,000 worth of products last year, making Suchan the top seller in North America.

Suchan, who has been selling Tupperware since 2007, said it takes him 20 to 25 minutes to slather on "as much make-up as possible" and throw on his heels, dress and wig. "I have it down to a well-oiled machine," he said.

After his transformation is complete, it's all about entertaining and selling.

Suchan has high praise for the entire Tupperware line, but his favorite products to sell are can openers and cheese graters. "It's the most hygienic can opener you can buy," Suchan said. "And I love selling the cheese grater."

He tells the mostly female crowds that the cheese grater is not only a handy kitchen tool, but is also a self-defense weapon.

"I tell them: 'I live alone. I get fearful of home invasions,'" Suchan said. "If someone is there, I'll reach for my cheese grater and say, 'I'll grate your freaking face off. Then I'll call 911 and say there's a man with a bloody face outside and I collected most of his DNA.'"

After selling cheese graters, containers and other kitchen tools, Suchan packs up and drives off in a Ford Mustang convertible, which he earned, along with a trip to Hawaii, for being the top seller last year.

"It's an amazing company and the products are fantastic," Suchan said. "I'm thrilled."

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