Dramatic Avalanche Rescue Captured on Helmet Cam

VIDEO: A snowmobiler in Washington is pulled from a deluge of snow by his friends.

Snowmobilers out in the white powder of Washington state got the ride of their lives when an avalanche buried one of them alive.

John Swanson, of Lynwood, Wash., was buzzing down Stampede Pass, a rugged area in the state's Cascade Range mountains, on Sunday when he stopped at the bottom of the hill to watch fellow riders on the same route.

At that moment, another snowmobiler higher up on the pass caused an avalanche to cut loose, and head directly towards Swanson.

Meanwhile, another one of the snowmobile riders unintentionally captured the drama as it unfolded via a helmet cam attached to his helmet, and posted the video on YouTube that night.

The video shows the other riders dropping their own snowmobiles and rushing to dig Swanson out.

Despite the heavy snow coverage, the riders knew right where Swanson was and were able to dig him out, first his face and then his body.

All the snowmobilers were wearing protective gear and report that no one was injured.  Swanson is said to be recovering at home.

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