Michigan Teacher in Hot Water for Using Tea to Break Up Fight

VIDEO: Witnesses say Michigan teacher doused teens with hot tea to stop brawl.

A Michigan teacher is in hot water after using steaming tea to break up a fight between two high school students.

On Tuesday morning, 15-year-old Skyler Henion and 18-year-old Dillon Anderson were arguing via text message over a girl. The two met in a hallway and a fight broke out.

"The teacher was just coming in and heard and then watched the two students fighting. After several attempts of trying to get them to break up by yelling and saying, 'hey, stop fighting,' they didn't stop," Detective Jeff Pratt of the Hastings Police Department told ABCNews.com. "She was carrying tea and said, 'If you don't quit fighting, I'll throw my hot tea on you.' And when they didn't stop, she did."

The fight broke up and later that afternoon Henion went to the Hastings Police Department to file an assault complaint against Anderson. Henion had bruising on his face from the scuffle.

While telling police the story, he mentioned the tea and they asked him if he had been injured.

"He took off his shirt and he had red marks which is consistent with burns from hot tea on his shoulder," Pratt said.

Now, the both the teacher and Anderson are under investigation for separate cases of assault. The police have passed the case onto the prosecutor's office and they are expected to decided today on how to proceed.

Both the teacher and Anderson could face up to 93 days in jail for misdemeanor charges.

The teacher is currently on paid administrative leave from the school.

Though Pratt concedes that the teacher's tactic was effective, he wished she had found another way to break up the fight.

"I wish it was cold water," she said. "I wish she had done something different."

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(Photo credit: ABC News)

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