Cars Collide During Live News Report

VIDEO: Viewers shocked as one car side-swipes another during evening broadcast.

Two drivers involved in a car crash in Florida were very literally caught-on-camera when their crash occurred right in the middle of a live report by a local TV reporter.

WFLA-TV reporter Adrienne Pedersen was ending her report on rising gas prices with a live standup in front of a gas station in Tampa  Wednesday when a taxicab collided with another car and both vehicles spun out of control behind her.

The crash could be heard and seen by viewers, but Pedersen kept her cool, continuing through her live report and seeming to have no idea what had just happened behind her.

"I heard it, but I had no idea what it was," Pedersen later told, the station's online partner. "I really just wanted to get off the air so we could run over and make sure they were OK."

The driver of the small car was the only one to suffer any injuries, and they were only minor, according to authorities, but the impact was so great that the cameraman shooting Pedersen's  live shot  feared  the worst.

"The cab was moving so fast that it threw both vehicles through the intersection and onto the curb," said News Channel 8 cameraman Rugene Moore. "The cab was literally spinning out toward us. Luckily, a soft patch of dirt in a planter stopped them."

Back in the studio, WFLA anchor Gayle Guyardo had what was likely the same reaction as viewers, shocked, said to Pederson, "Spun out right behind you. Did you see that Adrienne?"

Guyardo later joked that the drivers were probably stunned "by the gas prices."

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