Girl, 7, Donates Hair in Honor of Cancer Stricken Pal

VIDEO: Oklahoma girl grows her hair in show of support for friend battling leukemia.

This Valentine's Day 7-year-old Kelsey McIsaac plans on celebrating the holiday by getting a haircut. But rather than a trim, McIsaac is cutting off nearly a foot to donate to Locks of Love in honor of her best friend, Maddy Hunt, who is suffering from leukemia.

McIsaac was inspired to donate after Hunt, who was diagnosed in 2009, lost her hair due to chemotherapy treatments.

Kelsey's mother, Kim McIsaac, says that the pair have been friends since preschool and do everything from attend the same school to take the same dance class.

"It amazes me," Kim McIsaac told ABC News Affiliate KSWO, of the girls' friendship.

After Hunt's diagnosis, Kim McIsaac said her daughter wanted to help her friend, but didn't know how. Eventually Kelsey McIsaac learned about Locks of Love, the non-profit organization that provides hair pieces free of charge to anyone under the age of 21.

"Kelsey said 'Mom, I want to do it,'" Kim McIsaac told KSWO. " It's taken about a year for us to grow it out [with] a lot of tangles and crying as we brush it,"

While Kelsey McIsaac's hair was growing to the requisite 10 inches, Hunt's hair returned. But Hunt said she is still excited that McIsaac is going ahead with the donation.

"[I'm] excited and happy for her to do this for me," said Hunt. "Even if I didn't have her hair I would still be happy."

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