L.L. Bean Pay Homage to Vintage Covers for 100th Anniversary

In celebrating its 100th anniversary, clothing and outdoor gear producer L.L. Bean has recreated through photography, modern versions of four of their classic covers, originally created as paintings or illustrations. The modern version of this 1933 cover was photographed by Randal Ford in Maine's Acadia National Park, not too far from where the company's founder, Leon Leonwood Bean started up operations in 1912, via mail order catalogue. Ford  said that the re-creation was an in depth process, involving lengthy pre-production, "paying attention to all the fine details," then production: shooting, working with talent, getting just the right light, and make-up and wardrobe, and then post-production: finessing the image in photoshop.  With so amazing catalogues to choose from, choosing only four was a difficult process, but Creative Director VP Marcia Minters said, "The ones that we chose were the ones that we have heard time after time after time, that they are favorites. And  they also happen to be the ones that had the most amount of wit and the most stories embedded in the actual image." The next cover is scheduled to be released in late March.

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