Dog People vs. Cat People: Who Tweeted to Victory?

Dog or cat: What's your preference? (Fuse/Getty Images)

Canine fans and kitty enthusiasts came out in force today to participate in "20/20's" " Pet Crazy" Twitter showdown. We asked viewers to let their preference for dogs or cats be known by tweeting #dogperson or #catperson throughout the day.

According to the latest count by Topsy Labs, it looks like the dog-loving folks are howling their way to victory, with more than 1,600 #dogperson tweets vs. just 751 #catperson tweets… but take heart, cat fanciers - it's not too late to tweet your support for your feline friends.

We'll have full results tomorrow. In the meantime, check out some insights into what differentiates dog people from cat people here.

**UPDATE March 10, 7:5o a.m.: The cat lovers just couldn't catch up; by 3 a.m. ET, #dogperson tweets totaled more than 3,400 while #catperson tweets numbered just 1,361. Thanks to everyone who participated! Check out the "20/20: Pet Crazy" show online here.

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