Schools Can Opt Out of 'Pink Slime' Beef

VIDEO: USDA responds to public outrage over ground beef filler.

Image Credit: Brian Yarvin/Getty Images

So now  school districts which buy beef from the U.S. Department of Agriculture will be told which ground beef is made with up to 25 percent of the highly processed "lean finely textured beef" which is made from low grade meat scraps spritzed with ammonia gas now commonly known as " pink slime."

How did this happen?  Pressure from consumers.  The USDA press release says "due to customer demand," the government will "provide schools with a choice to order product either with or without Lean Finely Textured Beef."

But what about grocery stores, where 70 percent of the beef sold contains "pink slime"? The USDA claims it can't do anything about the lack of labeling that hides the filler in your ground beef.

Click here to find out which supermarkets sell beef with "pink slime."

A USDA source told ABC news it's up to the grocery stores to disclose what's in their ground beef and the Agriculture Department has no jurisdiction.

"I think the retailers are going to have to do what they do. And the industry will have to respond," said the source.

But critics say the government can and should do more.

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