The Global News Quiz

Test your global knowledge - how closely do you read the morning Global Note?


1) What did Pope Benedict and Fidel Castro joke about during their meeting in Havana?

2) What warning did London Olympic organizers give to visiting athletes? 

3) Why is Japan deploying missile defense systems to the Pacific Ocean and East China Sea?

4) Which Asian nation holds a landmark vote Sunday?

5) Which 1970's rock classic did a (seemingly) inebriated man belt out when Canadian highway police pulled him over?

6) What arrived in British Columbia, Canada, after a year-long journey from Japan?

7) Which institution made news by setting up a new question-and-answer section on its website?

8) What was soccer superstar Hope Solo talking about when she said this: "All of a sudden I felt like I was about to pass out. I was getting faint and I felt like I was getting dizzy"?

9) Which world leader turned up in a city his army had shelled?

10) Which African nation elected a new President?


1) Their ages - "Yes I'm that old…but I can still do my job," the pontiff (84) told Castro (85).

2) Don't marry here.  The U.K. Border Agency has told Games family members: "While you are in the U.K., you will not be allowed to undertake a course of study; or marry or form a civil partnership, or give notice of marriage or civil partnership."

3)  Because of North Korea's threat to launch a rocket next month.

4) Myanmar.

5) "Bohemian Rhapsody".

6) A fishing boat that had been docked in the Aomori Prefecture when last year's quake and tsunami struck. The Yomiuri said the owner "never dreamed it would cross the Pacific" - and doesn't want the boat back.

7) The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan - better known as the Taliban. The section allows readers to submit queries to spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid.

8) A 6.0 earthquake in northern Japan (small by local standards) felt while Solo and her teammates were visiting.

9) Syria's Bashar al-Assad - who visited Homs.

10)  Senegal - where jubilation and relief greeted the peaceful transfer of power. Senegal's new president is 50-year-old Macky Sall, a geologist and a former prime minister.

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