TSA Confiscates 4 Guns a Day

TSA contraband

The Transportation Security Administration said  it picked up 1,306 guns at airport checkpoints last year.

That's four guns a day. And that doesn't include the spear guns and bombs.

 Last week alone the TSA confiscated a live mortar  bomb, heavy duty firecrackers, three stun guns, signal flares and a jar of dead snakes.  Two weeks ago, TSA agents found, yes, a spear gun  and 24 loaded firearms in passenger luggage.

Yes, you can carry registered handguns in checked luggage, but they have to be declared at check-in.

Surprising the TSA's X-ray machine is not advised. Also this year, two cannonballs were confiscated at Kahului airport in Hawaii, two grenades in Colorado Springs, Colo., and a grenade launcher in checked baggage in Seattle. The TSA said it would have been even more concerned if the grenades and grenade launcher were in the same Samsonite.

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