VIDEO: Houston Man Trapped in Trench Rescued

VIDEO: Houston Man Trapped in Trench Rescued

Houston emergency crews spent more than an hour trying to rescue a construction worker who was trapped in a 20-foot trench late Thursday.

The unidentified man was lodged between a pipe and a boulder for nearly two hours, after the ground at the construction site where he was laying pipe shift and collapsed, ABC News' Houston affiliate KTRK reported. He was buried up to his waist and his leg was pinned against the drill bit he had been using.

Firefighters arrived at the scene immediately and orchestrated the rescue effort, hooking the man up to a tank of oxygen. Emergency crews also had to take precautions so the walls wouldn't cave in.

"You've got to be very careful, you can't just pull him out," James Wisnoski of the Houston Fire Department told KTRK. "You got to dig around and get all of the dirt from around him and get a harness on him."

The construction worker was in the hospital this morning being treated for his leg injuries.  He is expected to make a full recovery.

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