WATCH: School Bus Smashes Into Diner During Tornado, Heroic Driver Saves Kids

School Bus Swept Up by Tornado

Dramatic video has emerged showing a school bus in Henryville, Ind., being lifted into the air and flung into a diner during the tornado that hit the town nearly a month ago. ABC News' Indianapolis affiliate,  WRTV, obtained the footage, along with audio of the heroic driver, Angel Perry, evacuating the 11 children.

Perry was three miles from the school, with the children on the bus, when she heard the tornado warnings over the radio. "I stopped the bus for a second, put my hands down and said, 'Dear Lord, what do I do?'" Perry recalled. But that moment of uncertainty passed, and Perry quickly sprang into action, quieting the frightened children and making the decision to head back to the school.

"We're going back to the school, count how many kids we have please. Eleven. Thank you so much. If anyone needs to call their parents we're going back to the school," she can be heard telling the children.

As they get closer to their destination, the tornado comes into view, but Perry keeps her cool, calmly directing the children to move away from the windows.

"Tornado, on the ground, guys. Quiet!" she is heard telling the children. "If you've got a book put it over your head, do it. Get in the middle."

Arriving at the school, Perry quickly briefs the children before getting them out of the bus, counting them as they leave.

"Guys, we're just going to go as fast as we can into the school. Everybody stay together, our group together. Yeah, go, go, go!" she yells.

All 11 children and Perry made it out of the 36,000-pound bus safely, three minutes before the tornado lifted it up and blew it away.

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