Baseball Rain Delay Prompts Dance-Off

VIDEO: College baseball players perform skits, dance while waiting for rain to stop.

ABC News' Ashley Jennings writes:

Two college baseball teams found a way to pass the time during a rained out game on today by having a "dance off."

Players from the University of Mississippi and the University of Southern Mississippi were scheduled to take the field at Trustmark Park in Pearl, Miss., when downpour soaked the turf and players.

University of Mississippi Assistant Coach Cliff Godwin says the teams made the most out of the weather.

"It was a very lengthy rain delay, so when you're out there killing time the tradition is to try different stuff," Godwin said. "We went from bowling to a roller coaster. At the end they had a 'dance off' and the crowd loved it."

USM and Ole Miss performed for the crowd for two hours before officials declared the game canceled at 8 p.m.

"I'm from Ole Miss, so I'd have to say our boys won the dance off," Godwin said.

The game has been scheduled for May 1 at Trustmark Park.

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