Bus Driver Takes Cop on Wild Ride

VIDEO: Hanoi bus driver tried to flee while a traffic cop clung to his windshield.

AP Photo/Hanoi Police

A Vietnamese traffic cop who would stop at nothing to issue a bus driver a ticket, and a bus driver who would do anything to avoid a ticket combined for a wild ride in Hanoi.

Traffic police Second Lt. Nguyen Manh Phan pulled over a 39-seat passenger coach on Monday and ordered the driver to show his paperwork, a police spokesman told the Associated Press.

The bus driver, identified as Phung Hong Phuong, refused to show his paperwork and then attempted to drive off.  His plans to flee were thwarted, however, when Phan jumped onto the front of the bus and clung onto the windshield as oncoming traffic whizzed by.

The wild episode was captured on video, reportedly shot by another officer, and posted on YouTube.

The video shows Phan hanging on for dear life and yelling, "Call the police!" as the bus travelled for more than half a mile at speeds of up to 31 mph, according to the AP.

A chase brought on by other traffic cops and bystanders eventually forced Phuong to bring the bus to a stop.

He told police that he fled because he was afraid of being fined.  He later confessed that he had an earlier conviction for fatally running over someone and served nearly four years in prison, before being released in 2010.

Phuong was arrested for allegedly acting against public officials, an offense that carries a maximum three-year prison sentence, the AP reported.

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