Judge Defends Bare-Chested Texts: 'No Shame in My Game'

VIDEO: Shirtless photo of Wade McCree was found on a female court employees phone.


A Detroit-area Judge is facing possible disciplinary action after sending a bare-chested photo of himself to a female bailiff.

Judge Wade McCree - who specializes in sexual misconduct cases - isn't bothered by the allegations.

"I've got no shame in my game," McCree told local FOX affiliate.

The picture shows a very fit, bare-torso McCree snapping a cell-phone photo in what appears to be a bathroom mirror.

"Hot dog, yep that's me," McCree said when showed a printout of the photo.

The photo was reportedly discovered on the unnamed recipient's cell phone by her husband who found the judge's behavior "inappropriate."

McCree, who is married, disagrees and later admitted to sending the photo to other woman.

"There is nothing nude about it," said McCree who added that there is more exposure at a YMCA swimming pool.

The bailiff's husband said they were now filing a complaint against McCree with the prosecutor and the Judicial Tenure Commission, which could cost him his seat on the bench.

Complaints with the state's judicial watchdogs are confidential.

McCree's father, Wade McCree Jr., served under President Jimmy Carter as the second African American solicitor general in US history.

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