Philadelphia Man Rescues Squirrel Stuck in Bag of Pistachios

VIDEO: Man in Philadelphia helps free animal from bag.

A Philadelphia man came to the rescue of a hungry squirrel that was apparently stuck inside a  bag of  pistachios. 

Sergei Petrov was hanging out at his friend's house Thursday when he noticed the squirrel with the bag on its head, running in circles. 

"He sensed that I was there, but he couldn't see me so he ran into a wall," Petrov told 

After several attempts with his foot and finally his hand, Petrov freed the squirrel from the bag. Shocked, the little guy went sprinting in the other direction and up a tree, leaving Petrov happy he didn't have to get a rabies shot, he said. 

"All my life, I've been told they're essentially rats, so I approached it the same way I would a rat," Petrov said.

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