Oklahoma Woman Uses Toilet Bowl Plunger During Home Invasion

An Oklahoma woman defended her life with a plunger, fighting off armed attackers during a home invasion on Wednesday night, police said.

The woman was getting out of her shower in Piedmont, Okla., when she found two men with guns burglarizing her home, according to Det. Sgt. Brian Dawson of the Piedmont Police Department.

"She heard her dog barking and came out to see what was going on,"  Dawson told ABC News.

The woman then called 911.

"She saw two men in her house and ran back to the bathroom," Dawson said. "She finally decided to defend herself with a toilet bowl plunger."

As she exited the bathroom, she was confronted by one of the men with a pistol pointed at her, according to police.

"She did hit him with the plunger and knocked the gun out of his hands," Dawson said.

The man was able to get ahold of the woman and knocked her out, police said. The two suspects fled the scene on foot with jewelry and cash. The woman was hospitalized for non-life-threatening injuries.

After five hours of searching and putting the neighborhood on lockdown, police were unable to find the suspects. The woman was only able to give police a vague description of the two suspects, describing them as two white males in their 20's.

Neighbors said they were shaken by the attack, saying the small town usually is quiet and peaceful.

"You don't often encounter guys with automatic weapons looking for stuff from people in your neighborhood," neighbor Chris Clark told ABC7 KOCO.

The victim's fiancé said she has been released from the hospital and he's thankful she is alive.

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