'World's Worst Boyfriend' Explains His Prank

VIDEO: George Daoud discusses prank that left his girlfriend, her friends petrified.

George Daoud, 25, from Dayton, Ohio, has earned Internet fame, or infamy, for a video he posted on YouTube in which he pranks his girlfriend, her sister and their friend by pretending to rob their Little Rock, Ark., apartment as they came home from work.

Dressed in a mask and holding valuables like their TV and laptop under his arm, Daoud leaps out at the three girls as they open the front door, sending the trio flying into the air and screaming at the top of their lungs.

The video has gone viral and earned Daoud the dubious distinction of "Worst Boyfriend Ever" across the Internet.  So why would he not only pull the stunt on the woman he loves, but also post it for all the world to see?

"I was bored one day and I thought, 'What's their biggest fear?' and I just went to the store and got a mask and pulled the prank," Daoud said today on " Good Morning America."

Daoud appeared on "GMA" alongside the three victims of his prank, including his girlfriend of one year, Soukaina Messaoudi.

"I knew at some point he'd pull one [a prank] on me," Messaoudi said of Daoud, who has his own YouTube channel and has had some of his past pranks re-aired on TV, including one on "The Ellen Degeneres Show."

Messaoudi was the last to enter the apartment and appeared to take her boyfriend's antics in stride until she saw the emotional reaction of her sister and roommate, Kamilia Messaoudi.

"When I see George coming out of the apartment I started dying laughing because I was like, 'Oh my God he got me,'" Soukaina said.  "But afterwards my sister started crying a lot…and I was like that's something really mean that he did so I got really mad."

"I was terrified," Kamilia said.  "I was not expecting him to do that to me.  He knows that I am so scared of finding someone in my house."

Soukaini and Daoud are still a couple,  for now, but the true test will be whether the notorious prankster can get as good as he gives when it comes to payback from his victims.

"I keep watching my back," he said of the prospect for retaliation.  "I'm paranoid a little bit actually."

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