ABC News Reports from Inside West Africa's Hunger Crisis

ABC News Reports from Inside West Africa's Hunger Crisis Where There is a Race Against Time to Save Millions of Lives

Bazi Kanani to Report "A Cry for Help: Disaster in the Desert" for All ABC News Broadcasts and Platforms Beginning May 29  

A humanitarian crisis looms in West Africa and ABC's Bazi Kanani is there reporting from the hunger zone where nearly 15 million people and roughly one million children are at risk - that's roughly the number of children in New York City's public schools. Kanani travels to places where some aid is arriving and others that have received no help at all.  It is a race against time in Niger where child malnutrition are at emergency levels - a country now being called the 'worst place in the world to be a mother.'

The peak of this hunger crisis is expected in the coming months where many will die if aid agencies aren't able to position enough food in place in advance. A World Food Programme spokesperson gives ABC's Bazi Kanani the big picture: "This is the first test of whether lessons have been learned from last year's famine in East Africa" - where the response was late but at least it came.

These reports are the latest in ABC News' continuing coverage of food and drought crises in Africa - " A Call for Help: Disaster in the Desert."  The first report will air on Tuesday, May 29 on " World News with Diane Sawyer" and continue to run across all ABC broadcasts and platforms.

Lama Hasan was the first network correspondent to report on last year's famine from Kenya in July. "World News" weekend anchor David Muir was the first network anchor to report from inside Somalia - the epicenter of that crisis.

Viewers can find out how they can help the refugees in Somalia by visiting

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