The Global News Quiz


1) How many suicide bombers were involved in the Monday attack that killed 112 in the Yemeni capital, Sana'a?

2) What food product's stocks were decimated by the 6.0 earthquake that struck Finale Emilia, Italy?

3) What does Iraq say it plans to do with American unarmed drone aircraft?

4) Whose death in Libya made headlines the world over?

5) What global landmark was home this week to what many called a "deadly traffic jam"?

6) Why did South African President Jacob Zuma go to court?

7) Why did the lemurs at a Japanese Zoo get confused?

8) What did Ryan Crocker do that made news?

9) What happened to the President of Mali?

10) What could a journalist buy for $3,190 at the Cannes Film Festival?

11) According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development (OECD), which country ranks happiest?

12) Who is Shakeel Afridi?

13) Having done a stint as weatherman earlier this month - what did Prince Charles try this week?

14) In the parliament of what country did lawmakers brawl over a Russian language law?

15) Mohammed Morsi may well be the next President of which country?


1) One.

2) Parmesan cheese. Around 400,000 wheels of Parmigiano-Reggiano (Parmesan) and Grana Padano cheese, worth more than 240 million euros (£194 million), were damaged when the powerful earthquake toppled them from the warehouse racks on which they are left to mature. At least 10 per cent of Parmesan production was affected.

3) The U.S. has agreed to sell unarmed drones to Iraq's navy as part of an effort to help protect the nation's oil exports - amid growing tensions in the Persian Gulf. The drones will allow Iraq's military to keep a continuous watch over its oil terminals in the Persian Gulf.

4) Abdelbaset al Megrahi, the man believed to have been behind the bombing of the Pan Am jet over Lockerbie, Scotland, in 1988.

5) Mount Everest, where four climbers were reported dead following sudden storms that swept over the mountain. One official told the AP there was a "traffic jam" of climbers on the mountain.

6) Zuma was protesting after an artist exhibited a painting depicting Zuma with his genitals exposed. The painting is part of many in an exhibition titled "Hail to the Thief". Zuma argued the painting violates his right of privacy.

7) As we wrote here - the lemurs had an "eclipse problem." 20 lemurs at a Japanese zoo were fooled into getting ready for bed by the lunar eclipse. Instead of watching in awe and silence, the ring-tailed lemurs of the Japan Monkey Centre jumped up and down like crazy and then climbed up trees and poles. Actually, that's typical of their evening ritual when it is believed that brisk exercise raises their body temperature. After the eclipse was over, the furry friends went back to their normal daytime routine.

8) Crocker announced he was stepping down from his post as U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan, departing just as the United States negotiates a host of challenges in the long Afghan war. Health reasons were cited.

9) Interim Mali President Dioncounda Traore was taken to a hospital with a head wound, after being attacked by demonstrators during mass protests by supporters of March's coup. They were angry about a deal arranged for Mr Traore, 70, to remain in office for a year.

10) An interview with Brad Pitt. Journalists were surprised to receive a price list from the distribution company Alliance Films - the first time in Cannes history that journalists have been charged fees for interviews with Hollywood celebrities.

11) Australia. The OECD's "Better Life Index" rated it the happiest industrialized nation in the world based on criteria such as jobs, income and health.

12) Afridi was the surgeon who helped the U.S. with reconnaissance outside Osama Bin Laden's compound - and who ran a vaccination program to help the CIA gather information on Bin Laden. He was sentenced by Pakistani authorities to 33 years for "high treason".

13) Prince Charles took a turn spinning discs - playing DJ on a visit to a youth center's music studio in Toronto.

14) Ukraine.

15.) Egypt. Morsi is the U.S.-educated candidate of the Muslim Brotherhood. Early results suggests he'll face a runoff against former Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq.

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