Car Thief, 11, Takes Police 'Bait Car' for Joyride

VIDEO: Boy, 11, Steals Car Goes for Joy Ride: Caught on Tape

ABC News' John Schriffen reports:

Police in Albuquerque, N.M., were surprised when a "bait car" they left on a city street to nab would-be criminals got swiped by a thief so young he was more likely to be playing with toy cars.

Surveillance video captured by cameras planted in the car led police to an 11-year-old boy who allegedly stole the car and took it for a joyride, even picking up two 10-year-old friends along the way.

"I think myself, along with all of the other officers who were on the scene, were absolutely shocked that children this young could take the steps to actually steal a vehicle, to commit a felony," Sgt. Ferris Simmons told ABC News.

In the video, released by Albuquerque police on Friday, the boy is heard bragging to his friends about his driving skills.

"I'm a good driver, huh?" he says, even cranking up the radio to enjoy the ride while he drives.

The party was soon over for the three boys, whose faces were blurred in the video by police because they are minors, when one thinks he spots a police officer.

"Quiet," one says as they all crouch down in the car to avoid being seen.

"Slow down," says another.

Police tracked down the boy driver, whom police are not identifying because he is a minor, but only after two false starts.

The vehicle's GPS system twice notified police that the car was moving, but both times police tracked down the car they only found children playing outside.

It was only after police reviewed the surveillance video that they realized an 11-year-old was behind the wheel.

The district attorney has yet to file charges against the boys. They could face criminal prosecution in juvenile court.

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