Hamptons Native Skewers Hedge-Fund Summer Visitors on Twitter

Joe Schwenk/@Hamptonsborn/Twitter

A native son of New York's tony town of East Hampton on the far eastern tip of Long Island has gained a national following for his snarky skewering of the rich summer visitors who descend on his hometown each Memorial Day weekend.

Joe Schwenk, who describes himself as a "3rd generation 'bonnacker,'" which is a working-class fisherman or farmer from the region, set up the Twitter handle "@HamptonsBorn" to chronicle his work doing odd-jobs for wealthy summer visitors.

"Hamptons Request of the Day: Drive a poodle back to NYC while owners catch a copter ride w/rich friends. Sorry Muffy, they got a better deal!"

He Tweets about clients who ask him to buy 10 electric dirt bikes and create a 1/2-mile dirt bike track on their property for $23,000, and clients who request his help buying hundreds of cashmere sweaters ahead of parties they're hosting, in case the temperature drops and guests feel chilly.

He also posts pictures of his hometown, including photos of boats with names like "boatox" and the East Hampton airport filled with private planes and helicopters of summer guests.

"The louder the woman, the smaller her dog. #itsnotadogitsarat," he Tweeted Wednesday.

Schwenk fixes up the homes, boats and lawns of hedge fund managers - or "hedgies," as he calls them - and other "citiots" who spend their summers in the resort towns, but not without mixed feelings about them. He needs the money, but Schwenk doesn't seem to want them there.

"OK. I was just kidding about all I said about u guys last summer. Hire us! It's slow! WE WILL MOW YOUR FROZEN LAWN FOR 1/2 PRICE! # depressing"

Later, he tweets at a friend, "Let's reclaim our land," and discusses how the farm families that have lived in the area for generations are struggling to stay.

ABC News tried to reach Schwenk at the construction business his family runs in East Hampton, but was unable to contact him.

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