Man Trapped by a Tree, Rescued Just in Time

ABC News' Anthony Castellano reports:

An Iowa man is expected to make a full recovery after a giant pine tree fell on him in an isolated part of a forest.

David Blair, a lumberjack, was trimming trees near Lucas, Iowa, in Stephens State Forest when a tree fell on his stomach Monday.

Pinned and alone in the 15,000- acre park, Blair had his cellphone in his hand and was able to dial for help. "Lucas County 911," the Lucas County Sheriff's dispatcher said.

"I'm in Stephens Forest and I got a tree on top of me and I can't get out," Blair said. "Hurry, I can't feel nothing."

Blair's moans could be heard over the telephone as he could barely breathe with the tree trunk crushing his abdomen. Still, Blair was giving directions to the dispatcher on his location in the huge forest.

"OK, so if I go in on Highway 65 and keep going to the bridge and stay to the right?" the dispatcher asked.

"Yeah, all the way down you'll find me. I just dropped …," Blair said.

"You just dropped what?" the dispatcher asked right before the line went dead.

Blair had dropped was his phone but firefighters still  spotted Blair gasping to stay alive.

"There were three or four guys who were able to lift the tree off of him and then they were able to gently pull him out to safety…," firefighter Steve Davis said.

He is reportedly in serious condition.

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