Video: Man Dresses Like Dead Mom to Meet With Investigators

VIDEO: Footage from authorities shows man in wig, dress in meeting with investigators.

He's been called the real-life Norman Bates: For six years, prosecutors said,  Thomas Prusik Parkin impersonated his dead mother to collect Social Security checks in her name and hang on to her Brooklyn, N.Y.,  home.

Video footage of Parkin wearing a dress, a blond wig and large sunglasses - a get-up intended to disguise him as Irene Prusik, who died in 2003 at the  age of  71  - helped the Brooklyn District Attorney's office secure a conviction of the 52-year-old man last month. Parkin claims he is not the person in the footage.

Among Prusik Parkin's most egregious stunts was inviting investigators to his home and meeting them while wearing his Prusik costume. Also present at the meeting were Mhilton Rimolo, who prosecutors said was Parkin's accomplice - he was later convicted of grand larceny - and a home health aide, whose face has been blurred. Watch this rarely seen video of the encounter below and see the full story on "20/20? Friday at 10 p.m ET.

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