Boston Woman on Scooter Has Escalator Spill

VIDEO: The 56-year-old woman in Boston walked away after tumbling on an escalator.

A Boston commuter's lack of foresight - and, some may say, common sense - led her to tumble off of her motorized scooter and down a Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority escalator this week.

In the video, shot by a surveillance camera and released by the MBTA, an unidentified 56-year-old woman is seen heading toward the "up" escalator on her scooter at the Broadway MBTA station in Boston. Her attempt to get an easy ride upstairs is cut short when the back of the scooter flips over as she clutches the railing, and she quickly goes tumbling out.

The MBTA said there was an elevator 50 feet away.

The woman tumbles over completely, her scooter falling over her head, before a man on the escalator above her rushes to help her. She almost pulls him down with her as he tries to help.

Other passengers rushed to help the woman, and a station attendant quickly stops the escalator belt as the man who initially helped her holds her and her scooter steady.

Don't feel too badly for the woman, though. She may not have needed the scooter too badly, as at the end of the clip she is seen standing up and able to walk away.

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