Let the Celebrity Olympics Begin

It's still two days before the official opening the London Olympic Games, but already the festivities have begun.

Call it the Celebrity Olympics.

A huge gaggle of paparazzi assembled outside and inside London's magnificent Victoria and Albert Museum to watch celebrities arriving for an invitation-only party.

It was a fund-raising event sponsored by 70-year-old Muhammad Ali. But the crowd came out to see the likes of Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and George Clooney.

It was a disappointment of Olympic proportions. None of the A-listers showed. If Ali was there, he came in the back door.

I did get a chance to throw a question at the famously grouchy Irish musician Bob Geldof - of "Live Aid" fame.

"Bob," I asked, "if you were competing in the Olympics what event would you want to be in?"

He paused, but only briefly.

"The egg and spoon race," he said.

Now there's an Olympic event I think I'd have a shot at.

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