Olympic 2012 Torchbearer's Tattoo Gone Wrong

Credit: @Jerripeterson/Twitter

What could be better than being a torchbearer for the 2012 Olympics? Getting a permanent tattoo of the torch and five Olympic rings to mark the honor forever.

As long as the tattoo artist knows how to spell.

Jerri Peterson, 54, from Atlanta, carried the torch in England on June 30 after the hotel chain she worked for nominated her for the honor in recognition of her extensive charity work.

Right before she left for England to carry the torch, Peterson went for the tattoo she'd always wanted.

Too bad her tattoo artist came without spell check. Peterson's finished tattoo read: "Oylimpic Torch Bearer." Peterson didn't even realize the spelling error until her friend pointed it out after Peterson sent her a picture of the newly finished tattoo on her leg.

But Peterson hasn't let the spelling flub stifle her spirit and good humor - she has taken it in stride.

One consolation prize: Once she arrived in the U.K., many of Peterson's fellow torchbearers were more than happy to buy her beers and congratulate her as an "Oylimpic" torchbearer, she told the BBC News.

"All I had to do was mention the tattoo, and I had plenty of free pints to drink. It's the Oylimpics!"

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