'Plain Jane Bandit' Goes on Bank Robbery Spree

A bank robber known as the "Plain Jane Bandit" is believed to have hit six Los Angeles area banks in recent weeks, including four in a 24 hour period.

During the robberies, the woman uses written and verbal demands, and says an accomplice is waiting for her outside the bank.

Witnesses describe the suspect as an Hispanic female between 5-foot-3 and 5-foot-5, weighs about 150 to 170 pounds, and is between 35 and 40 years old.

The woman's nick name came from an interview with a witness in one of the earlier robberies, in which the witness described the suspect as a "plain Jane."

Witnesses also say the woman may have a scar below or next to her right eye, as well as a tattoo on her right shoulder area.

The first robbery the "Plain Jane Bandit" is linked to was on July 12, followed by another one on July 19. She was quiet for a few days, until she began a spree, hitting two banks on July 23, followed by another two on July 24.

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